Real World Pets

Real World Pets found their new home at their current address in South Africa through many years of keen interest from both Rochelle and Ivan of exotic animals at home.

Ivan as a youngster of 12 years, started catching indigenous snakes at nearby forests, this sparked his interest in reptiles.

Ivan and Rochelle were both born to absolutely love and adore animals. Had it not been for their love and devotion toward animals, REAL WORLD PETS would not have existed.


Thank you for visiting us, enjoy your stay… as you find out more about us.

Our Aim

Our aim, and too, the goal of their growing family business is to ensure that your animals wellbeing takes preference above all. They now boast a huge range of exotic creatures and deal with all the MAIN role players of the pet industry when it comes to breeding, housing, health and welfare.

Our goal is to share our knowledge and love for reptiles with ALL people from ALL backgrounds as this ever-growing hobby can grow and then become accessible and cost friendly for ALL."


We come to your premises/party and bring along various reptiles for example small crocodile, big Albino Burmese, Bosch Monitors, small and big Corn snakes and Boa's, around 8 different species of animals for children to handle and learn about.

This is a rare cost effective and fun way of enjoying your special day. We also take photos of our reptiles with your children which can be put on disc (DVD) as well.